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Environment and sustainability

School Groups

Whanganui River Canoes work with a number of schools each year, and some that have special requirements. We tailor custom-designed itineraries that will ensure it meets your unique set of objectives and gets the best out of your students and circumstances.

Whanganui River Canoes can provide local iwi guides, to ensure your students hear the history of the Whanganui River.

For a more cost effective trip we welcome your students to be involved in the planning, purchase, and preparation of food.

Or we can provide a fully catered trip for your school group including dinner the night before your trip, at our Holiday Park.

We welcome teachers to experience the Whanganui River before your trip to ensure your learning objectives are met.
The Whanganui River flows from Mount Ruapehu through different regions until it flows into the Tasman Sea from the Wanganui Township. The river has been a vital part of the Maori and Early European settlements in New Zealand. While paddling down the Whanganui River, hear about the setbacks early settlers had with erosion of the land, look at the shells in the riverbanks from the geological changes – can your students find the small sulphur springs in the riverbank?
Pricing does depend on group size/age/ number of parents, and if you want food provided or not, for a quote feel free to contact us.
Here are a couple of examples of NCEA assessments that may be suitable for our trips. Duke of Edinburgh groups also regularly paddle the Whanganui River.

Physical Education


Analyse the application of risk management strategies to a challenging outdoor activity


Evaluate leadership strategies that contribute to the effective functioning of a group

Education for Sustainability


Work cooperatively to develop and present a strategy or design for sustainability in response to a future scenario



Investigate geological processes in a New Zealand locality