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Terms and Conditions

Whanganui River Canoes Canoe

We require a deposit of $200 (plus booking fee) of the total amount of every trip price at time of booking confirmation. Please ensure you have read and understood the Risk Disclaimer, and all paddlers are capable of completing the trip.

The minimum recommended age for our trips is 7 years

We require full payment of the total trip cost to be 7 days prior to departure. If we consider the river conditions to be unsafe for your trip, we will not let you depart.

If we believe the weather conditions are improving we may delay the departing time, or postpone until the following day.

If your trip is cancelled due to bad weather or river conditions, or, if you are unable to postpone until the following day, all amounts held by Whanganui River Canoes will be refunded.

If you need to transfer to Pipiriki by jet boat you are required to pay for this.
Some exceptions apply.

Once you have paid for and / or started a canoe trip you will not be refunded for change of mind. If you require extra jet boat or shuttle services you will be charged accordingly.

Cancellation Policy

Whanganui River Canoes recommends that you arrange travel insurance to guard against the loss of costs associated with cancellation or delay of your trip

Type of Cancellation
Cancellation Fee
Cancellation within 24 hours of making booking
15 or more days before arrival and more than 24 hours after making the booking
Between 4 and up to 14 days before arrival date
Between 1 and 3 days before the date of arrival
On or after the date of arrival
Medical Circumstances that prevent a customer from being able to complete a canoe trip. Must be accompanied with a medical certificate and requested within two weeks of the certificate being issued. A medical refund will cover the person named on the Medical Certificate and one support person.

Safety Responsibility

Clients are responsible for their own safety management and clients must meet any additional costs arising from bad weather, or injury.

• If weather and river conditions turn bad during your trip, your first option should be to wait it out.
• Clients are required to replace any equipment lost and are liable for the repair cost of any equipment damaged.
• If conditions turn bad, we will allow you to sit it out and canoe / kayak back a day late, at no extra cost, if you require extra jet boat or shuttle assistance this will be at your cost.
• Whanganui River Canoes is a safety audited business, as required by the Adventure Activity Regulations.
• If you are a school/educational group ask us for a copy of our SOP or Rams to help you with your planning.


Whanganui River Canoes Canoe


We cannot be held responsible for any electronic equipment or personal items that are taken on your trip.

All of our equipment is checked regularly.

Our liability is not guaranteed due to user error, and other circumstances out of our control.

Although greatly reduced, there is still a small risk of an accident and / or injury.

Whanganui River Canoes and / or the guide cannot be held responsible unless great negligence was involved on their part.

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