Whanganui River Canoes

DOC & Accommodation


It takes approximately 2 hours to 10 paddle km

The Department of Conservation have campsites approximately every two hours along the Whanganui River.
Each campsite/hut has a long drop toilet. You will need your own toilet paper.
Each campsite/hut has a rain water tank, but please bring your own supply of water, just in case the tanks are empty.
Each campsite/hut has a small shelter, table and seating.
Whakahoro is a cheaper hut, John Coull and Tieke have huts, which cost $32 per person per night. The huts have bunk beds, mattresses, a fireplace, they do have a basic kitchen with a gas cooker, but we still recommend that you bring your own.

All other campsites cost $20 per person per night. Children under 18 years are free for the DOC campsites, but do need to be booked in. The fees help DoC maintain the campsites for your comfort, and help DoC sustain the wildlife, and natural environment on the river so we can all continue to enjoy it in the years to come.

There is no cell phone reception on the Whanganui River.
• In cases of emergency Ohinepane does have road access.
• Whakahoro has road access, and a telephone.
• John Coull hut has an emergency radio, and in busy periods a hut warden who knows how to use it.
• Opposite Tieke, the Bridge to Nowhere Lodge has a telephone to use in an emergency. The Bridge to Nowhere Lodge is privately owned, and they also operate a privately owned campground. To book phone 0800 480 308 or email info@bridgetonowhere.co.nz

The Whanganui River is very isolated, once you start the trip there are no shops along the way. Please ensure you have everything you need before you leave for the trip – if you have forgotten anything please mention it to our staff so we can give you the best advice.

All accommodation on the river needs to be booked before you start your trip. There is no freedom camping on the Whanganui River. Feel free to ask us for advice before booking your campsites.

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